How frequently can you host workshops?

Veronica YooCollaboration

We can host workshops as frequently as 4 times a year in person and 6 times a year virtually. We can discuss and make adjustments to the frequency as needed through in-person meetings or calls.

Are there any fees associated with your workshop?

Veronica YooCollaboration

No, there are no charges for the workshop. I’m dedicating my time to provide educational value for your clients, helping your clinic distinguish itself from others. It’s a wonderful way to demonstrate your clinic’s commitment to your clients’ health. Additionally, it can promote our makeover nutrition services and online courses, potentially increasing your affiliate program revenue

Why 21 days?

Veronica Yoo21 Day Sugar Challenge

Research suggests that it takes about 21 days to form a new habit. This duration allows participants to truly break free from sugar dependencies and set the foundation for long-term healthy eating habits.