Calculating Macronutrient Portions

Learn how to calculate your daily macronutrient portions

Course Overview

In this concise and informative FREE video course, I will guide you through the process of calculating your daily macronutrient portions. The process can be done in just a few simple steps, so whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain, or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, understanding and tracking your macronutrient intake is essential.

This FREE mini-course will provide you with practical tools and strategies to easily determine the optimal macronutrient portions that suit your individual needs.

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Learning Objectives

By the end of this video based mini-course, you will have the knowledge and confidence to accurately calculate your daily macronutrient portions, allowing you to take control of your nutrition and achieve your health and fitness objectives effectively.

  • Learn a straightforward formula to estimate your total daily calorie needs based on your goals.
  • Determine the recommended macronutrient percentages or grams based on your calorie intake.
  • Understand the caloric value of each macronutrient and convert it into portions.
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