functional Medicine

Lifestyle Counselling, Weight Loss, & Health Coaching

by Veronica Yoo

As a professional nutritionist & functional medicine health coach, I have helped countless people, just like you, lose weight, balance their hormones, and generally live a healthier life.

I am a firm believer in eating high-quality food, living an active lifestyle, self-improvement, and having fun.

Makeover Nutrition is about helping you get more out 0f your life, no matter where you are right now.

If you've got questions about nutrition, weight loss and the health services we offer, please feel free to schedule a free, 30 minute, no obligation, call with Veronica. 

My Latest Tasty Treats

Recipes that satisfy!

Dark Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

Do you skip your breakfast often? You may have a reason to skip your breakfast and/or lunch. If the reason is your time management. Here is your solution! Prepare this muffin in advance ( it takes 30 minutes to prepare & cook) and you are all set for a week.

Chucky Beef Stews

Did you know that if you want to eat healthy, you need to learn grandma’s whole food recipe? Because our grandma used only fresh whole food ingredients to cook meals.

Turmeric Salad

Did you know depends on the ingredients of dressing, salad can be your medicine? If you have joint pain, brain fog, and/ or you are looking to create good health check this out.