Healthy Weight loss & Functional Health 

For Women & Men wanting lasting, permanent change.

Makeover Nutrition helps you live a life built on better lifestyle choices, amazing food, and regular exercise. Whether you are struggling with your weight, or looking to optimize your overall health and well-being, Makeover Nutrition is the place to start.

Different Ways to Begin Your Health Journey

For those committed to achieving lasting weight loss and improved health, Makeover Nutrition offers various approaches to get you started. Imagine waking up with renewed energy and watching pounds melt away steadily. Our 1 on 1 coaching program develops a custom strategy for balanced nutrition and sustainable habits. For those wanting a solid foundation to build their own nutrient plans and structure their meal planning , our 'Lose 10 Lbs in 10 Week's online group course is perfect for you. If you're going through the adventure of menopause then our 'Nourishing the Change' course might be a great start.


1 on 1 Coaching

Individualized 3 Month Customized Programming

Healthy eating doesn't mean eating like a rabbit, or eliminating all the food you love. Veronica will help you craft a nutrition plan and approach that is sustainable and works with your goals and personal needs.

$1,197.00or 3 payments of $437

Lose 10 Lbs in 10 Weeks

Group Weight Loss with Weekly Zoom Sessions

Makeover Nutrition's most requested course is back, and it's better than ever with new videos, updated content, more nutrient resources, and FREE access to our Members-Only mobile health tracking App.

$297.00Original Price $599.00

Manage Your Macros

Calculate Your Macronutrient Portions

This FREE mini video course will deliver the knowledge and confidence for you to accurately calculate your daily macronutrient portions, allowing you to take control of your nutrition and achieve your health and fitness objectives effectively.

FREE for NOW!Was $99, Get it Quick!

Nourishing the Change

Navigating Your Diet through Menopause

Designed exclusively for menopausal women seeking optimal health through informed dietary choices. Menopause is a transformative phase, and this 40 video course will help you navigate it with confidence. Join us as we explore the best diet and food choices tailored to your unique needs, ensuring you embrace this transition with vitality and well-being.

$69.97Introductory Price

Wondering Which Option is best for you?

Want to discuss any specific health concerns before making a choice?
Health Confustion

Overwhelmed by the flood of contradictory health advice online? Tired of influencers promoting fads over facts for their own gain? You're not alone, and I'm here to help.

As an integral part of your healthcare team, I bridge the gap between you and health professionals with an approach rooted in science. I'm committed to supporting you in your health, weight loss, nutrition, and pain management goals, aiming to enhance your lifestyle and overall well-being.

To get started, I'm offering a 30-minute one-on-one consultation for only $49.97. This is your opportunity to ask any health-related questions, understand how I can assist you, and explore programs or resources that will clarify your path to a healthier future. Trust in a science-backed, effective approach to your health journey today.

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Tasty Treats

Recipes that satisfy!

Artisan Bread

A gluten-free delight: artisan bread made simple, tasty, and wholesome.
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Avocado Egg Salad

Explore a 5-ingredient Avocado Egg Salad recipe: nutritious, protein-rich, perfect for meals
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Cocoa Cups

Keto-friendly bliss: Cacao Peanut Butter Cups with antioxidant-rich ingredients.
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