Health Coaching by Veronica Yoo

Lifestyle & Health Coaching

Wellness Counselling & Health Coaching

with Veronica Yoo

Your initial lifestyle and health coaching appointment with Veronica includes a full review of your health history, including previous lab testing, questions about your current diet and lifestyle, any particular health problems that need attention, and any other questions you have.

This initial wellness consultation will be done through either live video chat, or over the phone; your preference.

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Health Consultation

Wellness & Health Information
  • 75-minute live video, or phone consultation.
  • A full review of your health history and timeline.
  • Discussion regarding your current health goals.
  • Evaluation of your nutritional needs after collecting details about your physical, medical, and emotional status.
  • Strategies for personalized eating and exercise plans.
  • Recommendation for personalized MVP and herbals.

Health Coaching

On Demand Session Packages

Follow up your initial exploratory wellness consultation with a Functional Medicine & Health Coaching session(s) with Veronica. It's a great way to get more of your questions addressed, and it delivers accountability, and troubleshoots any challenges for building your new lifestyle.

Veronica will do her best to listen, guide, and help you to accomplish your health, wellness, and fitness goals. This service is provided through either live video or via phone-based discussion; your preference.

If you failed to follow through on your initial plan and want to restart, or if you just feel like you are stuck in a rut, book an appointment and together we'll navigate the steps you need to take to start, or restart enjoying your new lifestyle plan.

  • Video or phone coaching session with Veronica Yoo
  • Time can be used 30 / 45 / 60 minute
  • Follow up on your plan
  • Discuss your questions and challenges
  • Adjustment of MVP and herbals if needed
  • Implement fasting or detoxification strategy if needed

90 Minutes

Functional medicine Health Coaching Session with Veronica Yoo
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180 Minutes

Functional medicine Health Coaching Session with Veronica Yoo
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360 Minutes

Functional medicine Health Coaching Session with Veronica Yoo
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Terms & Conditions

Good things to know
  • All health coaching packages are to be paid in advance to set a schedule for future sessions.
  • All wellness consulting to be used within three months.
  • 24 hours notice is required for cancellation or the appointment is considered to be used.

Health Coaching

For Individuals

When it comes to making the commitment and concentrated effort towards a healthier lifestyle, the on-demand bundles listed above aren't always the best health coaching options for everyone.

For those clients wanting a more comprehensive approach, you may want to have Veronica metaphorically walking beside you for the first 3 months. You may even want to extend your commitment to an ongoing monthly maintenance based health program.

Facilitating lasting change often requires more hand-holding in the beginning when everything seems confusing and the choices between options overwhelming. Having Veronica, your dedicated health coach, on email speed-dial and only a text message away provides that 1 to 1 guidance that smoothes out the rough spots and gets you farther, faster.

A 3-month commitment with Veronica will help start your healthy transformation from the inside and out.

This concierge level of service includes the following:

  • Initial health & wellness consultation to determine goals and set baselines.
  • Personalized meal plan(s), recipes, and food charting to make things simple.
  • Personalized fitness program(s) to improve both body and mind.
  • Weekly follow up sessions to keep you motivated and on track.
  • Monthly evaluations with program review and adjustment,
  • Future planning for what comes next.
  • Educational and Knowledge-Based Resources
  • Unlimited email support
  • Access to text support

Health Maintenance

For after your coaching?

As wonderful as it is to invest in a 3-month health coaching and weight-loss program, the job doesn't stop when you cross that initial 3 month finish line.

Reaching your ultimate health, wellness, and fitness goals means you need to begin patterning what you've learned in the initial phase and turn it into a lifestyle. With that in mind, Makeover Nutrition provides an ongoing maintenance subscription so what you started with becomes a habit for life, and maximizes your weight loss and healthy nutritional investment.

If you don't stay accountable to your coach after you begin your journey it's easy to find yourself slowly slipping back into bad habits, or forgetting what allowed you to find success with Veronica in the first place.

With this in mind, Veronica provides an assistive and supportive maintenance plan that is offered as a three month subscription. 

Subscribing to this option is available from within the Member Portal.