How long does diarrhea typically last?

Veronica YooDisease Prevention and Management

The duration of diarrhea can vary depending on the underlying cause. In most cases, acute diarrhea, which is commonly caused by viral or bacterial infections, typically lasts for a few days to a week. It may resolve on its own with self-care measures, such as rest, hydration, and a bland diet.

However, the duration of diarrhea can be influenced by factors such as the individual’s overall health, immune system response, and the specific cause of diarrhea. Some cases of acute diarrhea may resolve within 24 to 48 hours, while others may persist for up to 10 days.

If diarrhea lasts for more than a week or becomes chronic, lasting several weeks or longer, it is important to seek medical attention. Chronic diarrhea may require further evaluation to determine the underlying cause, and appropriate treatment options can be recommended based on the diagnosis.

It is worth noting that individual experiences can vary, and the duration of diarrhea can differ from person to person. If you have concerns about the duration or severity of your diarrhea, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional for a proper evaluation and personalized guidance.