Get Your Initial Consultation with Veronica Yoo

 This appointment is with Veronica Yoo and covers a full review of health history, previous lab testing, questionnaire, your current diet and lifestyle, your particular health problem that needs to be addressed. This will be done through either Video or Phone-based on your preference.

  • 75 minute video or phone consultation 
  • A full review of health history and timeline 
  • Discussion of your current health goals 
  • Evaluating the nutritional needs after collecting details of information of your physical, medical, and emotional status. 
  • Strategies of a personalized eating and exercise pattern 
  • Recommendation of personalized MVP and herbals 

$ 175

Addon: Recorded video + Personalized meal plan (PDF) +$ 75 


  • Book an appointment 
  • Send us completed Questionnaires
  • Send us information of your current medications and nutritional supplements 
  • Send us your latest lab testing, if you have one
  • Think about your health goal

Functional Medicine Health Coaching Session Packages

Functional medicine Health Coaching session with Veronica Yoo is great for someone who wants to get a follow up after the initial consultation. When you need to get questions addressed, accountability,  and troubleshoot any challenges for building your new lifestyle. Veronica Yoo will do her best to listen, guide, and discuss and help you to accomplish your health goals. This will be done through either Video or Phone-based on your preference. 

If you failed your plan and you want to restart your plan or you feel like you are stuck, book an appointment with Veronica Yoo as soon as possible. 

  • Video or phone coaching session with Veronica Yoo 
  • Time can be used 30 / 45 / 60 minute
  • Follow up on your plan
  • Discuss your questions and challenges
  • Adjustment of MVP and herbals if needed
  • Implement fasting or detoxification strategy if needed


Functional medicine Health Coaching Session with Veronica Yoo


180 minutes 

Functional medicine Health Coaching Session with Veronica Yoo


360 minutes

Functional medicine Health Coaching Session with Veronica Yoo 



  • All packages are to be paid in advance to get a schedule for coaching sessions. 
  • All consultation time to be used within three months.
  • 24 hours notice is required for cancellation of the scheduled appointment or the appointment is considered to be used.

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