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Welcome! I'm Veronica, a certified nutrition professional, functional medicine health coach, and a WBFF professional figure fitness athlete. My mission is to foster collaborative growth in the health and wellness sector.

With a deep understanding of both nutrition, exercise, and functional medicine, I offer unique insights and practical knowledge through informative blog posts and engaging workshops. These initiatives aim not only to enhance your clinic's online presence and SEO but also to enrich your clients' health journeys.

Join me in this collaborative venture, where together we can create a significant impact on the well-being of your clients and the combined success of our separate businesses.

Veronica Yoo - Health Coach

Benefits of Collaboration

What do you get working with me?

Writing Informative Blog Posts for Improved Online Presence and SEO:
  • Expert Content Creation: My expertise in nutrition and health allows for the creation of authoritative and engaging blog posts. This content positions your clinic as a thought leader in the health and wellness industry.
  • SEO Enhancement: Regularly updated, keyword-optimized content improves your website's search engine rankings, making it more visible to potential new clients searching for health and wellness information.
  • Audience Engagement: High-quality, informative articles encourage visitors to spend more time on your website, increasing the likelihood of them exploring your services.
Collaborative Blog Post Examples
Conducting Educational Workshops for Clients/Patients:
  • Empowering Clients with Knowledge: My workshops (Virtual or In-Person), are designed to be completed in under 60 minutes, they provide valuable insights into health, nutrition, and well-being, empowering your clients to make informed decisions about their health.
  • Enhanced Client Satisfaction: By offering these additional educational resources, your clinic demonstrates a commitment to the holistic well-being of its clients, which can improve client retention and satisfaction.
  • Attracting New Clients: Hosting and presenting workshops positions your clinic as a community-centric and educational leader, attracting individuals who are seeking more than just clinical treatment.
Introducing Online Courses and Coaching Services:
  • Extended Learning Opportunities: My online courses offer in-depth learning experiences on various health and nutrition topics, providing an added value service to your clients.
  • Personalized Coaching Services: With the option for personalized coaching, clients receive tailored guidance and support, enhancing their health journey under the expert care of both your clinic's care program and my expertise.
  • Revenue Sharing through Affiliate Programs: My affiliate program for these courses not only offers your clinic a new revenue stream but also ensures that clients have access to quality, convenient educational resources.
Collaboration Summary:
In summary, collaborating with me brings multifaceted benefits. My content services enrich your clinic's online presence, my workshops add value to supplement your client services, and my courses and coaching services provide both educational and financial advantages for your practice. A partnership with me and Makeover Nutrition is a holistic approach to improving client well-being and fostering business growth.

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Detailed Services

Informative Blog Posts:
  • Service Details: I craft well-researched, engaging blog posts covering a range of topics like nutrition, fitness, and functional medicine. These posts are tailored to boost your SEO and engage your clinic audience. As well as my own strategic approach to applicable content topics, I can take initial input from you and craft articles that combine our expertise.
Educational Workshops
  • Service Details: I can conduct face-to-face, and/or online interactive, 60-minute workshops on various health topics, such as diet optimization, stress management, and fitness routines, tailored for different audiences.
Online Courses and Coaching:
  • Service Details: I offering a range of online courses from beginner to advanced, covering topics like meal planning, healthy living, menopause management, and personalized fitness regimes. My one-on-one coaching provides tailored health strategies allowing your clients to get farther, faster.

Affiliate Information

We have an affiliate program where you can earn a 20% commission on sales of our makeover nutrition services and online courses, which can generate passive income for your clinic

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